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Pricing Information

Canvas & Paper
Finished Size (with border)
sq. ft.
sq. ft.
sq. ft.
sq. ft.
8x10 30.00 10.00 7.56 7.00  
11x14 30.00 16.05 14.45 13.74  
12X18 32.00 22.50 20.25 18.00  
16X20 40.00 33.30 30.00 26.64  
18X22 49.50 41.25 37.13 33.00  
20X24 60.00 49.95 44.96 39.96  
20X30 75.00 62.55 56.30 50.00  

There is a 5 sq. ft. minimum per image for color corrected files. This is equal to about 2-16x20's or 5-11x14's.
Prints can be made as large as 43.5" x 120". If you are using over 6 sq. ft. per print the price drops by $1.50 a sq. ft., except on the first print. Feel free to call for a quote if your size doesn't appear on the chart, or multiply your height by your width, with border, divide by 144, then multiply by the appropriate sq. ft. charge. There are further discounts for larger quantities.

Pricing for print ready digital files (i.e. photography and digital art) does not require a minimum or a set-up fee. Paper prints are $15 a sq. ft. Canvas is $18 a sq. ft. with UV coating. Price per sq. ft. drops with larger prints and larger quantities.


Scanning of original art:
11"x17" $20.00
12"x18" to 17"x21" $30.00
18"x22" to 22"x33" $60.00
over 22"x33" call for quote

UV Coating for canvas:
$3 per sq. ft.

Set-up fee (proofing, color correction): $150 paper / $175 canvas includes 5sq. ft of prints

Image Manipulation: $75.00 per hour

CD Write: $10.00

Niew downloadable price list for transparency scanning prices.

Carolyn Madsen
A digital image can be archived for up to 5 years after the last printing, along with a copy of the approved proof, for reference, to ensure color match from order to order.
(all prices are subject to change without notice)

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